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How do I write a 5 page story?

  • Proper time management

When it comes to essay-writing – , planning is a necessity when you want to get the desired outcome. Before starting to write your essay, you should first try to determine how much time you will need to finish a 5-page essay.

  • Read and understand the essay question before attempting to answer it

This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps that every essay writer ought to take into consideration. Proper understanding of the essay question allows you to easily – essay writer site – narrow down your research and this will save you plenty of time too. Whenever you experience difficulties writing an essay, you can always brainstorm.

  • Conduct proper research

When writing an essay, where you get information from matters. It is always advisable to research your information from peer-reviewed sources. Such sources contain the most relevant information and that is exactly what you want.

  • Spend adequate time on outlining

A good outline is key in writing an interesting essay – – since it helps you sequentially organize your ideas. A good approach to writing such an essay involves breaking the essay into several paragraphs, including an introduction and a concluding paragraph. A good should contain a central idea, adequate supportive evidence, summarized sentences, and transitions to the next paragraph.

  • Make your points solid then revise your work.

The key to making your points solid lies in conducting proper research and availing enough evidence to back your points. When revising your work, you ought to pay attention to the general structure, the thesis statement and the main sentences in those paragraphs. Finally, you should end by going through your work and ensuring that you have no errors or typos

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