Why Spring Water?

The water we drink begins entering our bloodstream in about 5 minutes. At the molecular level, we are over 99% water. This liquid can either be the foundation of our health or sickness depending on the quality. There is much debate about the best kind of water to drink.

Often, we grow up being taught that water straight from the earth is dangerous, yet all water comes from nature. We do not create water. We just process it. Our ancestors gathered & drank unprocessed spring water from nature.

Good spring water comes from aquifers deep underground. The power of spring water is that it goes through the earth’s natural filtration system. Sometimes, this means moving up through hundreds of thousands of feet of filtration material. It’s hard to believe that a few feet in a water machine could be better than that. Spring water is also abundant in healthy minerals such as silica, magnesium and calcium and contains healthy microbes and probiotics. However, some springs are unfortunately contaminated due to things like fracking, so it is vitally important to make sure to test the spring before drinking from it.

Another benefit of spring water is that it comes up from the earth structured which means the molecules are arranged in cohesive hexagonal form. This is also how water is said to contain memory as a liquid crystal. As explained in Carly Nuday’s amazing book Water Codes, it’s been documented that in groups of between 3-60 clustered water molecules, there can be at least 440,000 information panels. And as physicist  Rustum Roy said, “it may be the single most malleable computer.”

A lot of tap water contains contaminants that are detrimental to human health including chlorine and fluoride. Tap water in certain cities is recycled waste water. Filters can be good at removing most of these compounds, but that creates a water with no healthy minerals, and doesn’t address structure. 

Bottled water presents more problems. The majority of bottled water is processed with ultra violet light and ozone gas for shelf stability and cheaper transport. This destroys healthy microbes or probiotics, which our bodies are biologically adapted to thrive from. To make matters worse many bottled water companies are drilling and depleting aquifers, which destroys habitats and connected natural springs as well.

Collecting fresh pristine spring water is the perfect option for our health and the health of the planet.

Changing the water you drink changes the waters you are made of and greatly improves health. Once you drink pristine living spring water, it’s hard to drink anything else.

Hot springs have been revered as sacred healing sites for thousands of years. Unfortunately, a substantial amount of hot springs have been shut down, adulterated, or trashed in recent times. It’s our intention to support restoration of these springs, and protect public access.

Find a Spring is committed to supporting people around the world to access the best water on earth