Why Spring Water is the Best

I grew up in Seattle thinking that you couldn’t drink water straight from the Earth. That the only safe water had to be filtered, boiled or bottled. Now to get my drinking water, I drive 45 minutes to a trailhead, hike 15 minutes through mud pits and over streams to a gorgeous, lush spring where I fill up bottles of water that has never been touched by humans or filtered by machines. Don’t worry though, there are many great springs where you can pull right up on the side of the road without a large time commitment. Although once you have real water, you’ll do anything to keep it, and make it a time priority.

The water you drink is the foundation of physical health. Your body is over 99% water at the molecular level. It is around 60-70% water by volume, but when you look at it at a molecular level and compare the percentage of individual water molecules compared to the total number it’s around 99%. This incredible information was discovered by Gerald Pollack, PhD. If your body is mostly made of water, it would seem that the most powerful factor of your health would be the quality of water that you drink. Up-leveling your drinking water dramatically increases health and well being.

Glacier Water in Iceland

The absolute best water you can drink is fresh, pure spring water straight from the earth. What is a spring? Spring water bubbles up from deep within the earth’s aquifers filtered and charged through sometimes hundreds of thousands of feet of earth. There are two kinds of springs. One is with water that has been part of the hydrological cycle and flowed back down into the earth’s aquifers. The other is primary water (http://primarywaterinstitute.org), which is created in the womb of the earth herself and has never been exposed to the surface. Even if a spring is filled with water that has been part of the hydrological cycle, we are blessed in that many of them are so deep that modern contaminants have not yet been measured in them. Spring water gestates in the earth until the aquifer is full and can’t hold anymore water, creating the necessary pressure to send water up against gravity through a fissure.

I find it hard to believe that a filter or machine with around 12 inches of filtration material can be better than that. Unprocessed spring water contains pristine minerals, probiotics and negative ions. In its living form, water is a liquid crystal. This is called structured or EZ water and it is the kind of water that supports life with geometric molecular structure.  Spring water is highly structured because of the pressure it faces when rising to the surface of the earth. However, due to toxicity and human mistreatment, a lot of water such as tap or bottled water has become dead, otherwise known as bulk water. It no longer holds a cohesive structure.

Water from the tap has been run through metal pipes, stored in unnatural holding tanks and treated with chemicals ranging from chlorine to fluoride which is a known neurotoxin. This kills all the beneficial microbes and eliminates negative ions. Bottled water contains plastic contamination.

There seems to be endless debate on the best kind of water to drink. The bottled water companies want you to drink their water. The filtration companies want you to purchase their filter. There is so much out there that it can be confusing. Many people think it’s fine to trust the water filter on their fridge or the Britta. So much has to do with the quality of your tap water which is different everywhere in the world and varies dramatically even in the same country. For example, there is a town in Oregon called Culver that has fresh, pure untreated spring water flow through their taps. Then there are other cities that recycle their greywater. So the same water that people defecate and flush medication into, gets “recycled” through filtration and put back into the taps.

The bottled water industry is one of the most corrupt in the world. Many of the large corporations have been caught bottling filtered tap water. Many of them take so much water that it depletes an aquifer and negatively impacts the local watershed by reducing the amount of water that flows from natural springs. All bottled water in the store has to be processed with ozone gas or UV light so it can sit in a hot warehouse or be transported in a highway truck or shipped around the world without turning green. Natural raw water must be refrigerated for long term storage just like anything that is alive. For example, if you have fresh natural orange juice from oranges you just squeezed, it will last longer in the fridge than if you left it on the counter. But if you squeezed it and wanted to make it shelf stable you would have to pasteurize it. Heat treating kills many of the natural benefits of living food. This is a reason why so many people who have an allergy to milk from the store can drink raw milk. If you look at kirlian photography of raw food vs cooked food, you can see what heating does to the radiant life force energy.

There is also the issue of bottling the water. Most water is bottled in plastic, which is horrible for the water, our bodies, and the earth. The plastic negatively impacts the water quality by infusing the water with artificial toxic substances. Be mindful and do your research because a lot of bottle “spring” water companies aren’t spring water at all. A lot of the big corporations pump aquifers dry, bottle it in plastic, and call it spring water. Some have been involved in scandals of calling filtered tap water spring water.

Then we come to the discussion of water filters. There are so many filters on the market telling you they are the best. Brita filters barely do anything. Fridge filters aren’t good enough. The best filters take out the toxic chemicals that are added into tap water, remineralize the water, and restructure the water. However, no filter can do this as good as Mother Nature in my opinion. 

There are three filters I recommend that are different price points and depend on your unique needs. I don’t personally have one because I drink spring water, but they are what the people who I respect most in the water world recommend. Spring Aqua filter remineralizes and adds bioavailable hydrogen (without electrocuting the water like Kangen does). This is my top recommendation.  Aqua Tru is another option that has a great filtration process, and remineralizes but doesn’t add back in the hydrogen. They have under the counter options with financing. Berkey filters are a budget option. They remove fluoride, chlorine, and keep in some of the valuable natural minerals. You also don’t need a flowing water supply for them to work, and they don’t require electricity. However, they don’t add minerals or restructure so I recommend adding trace minerals & vortexing it.

Unprocessed spring water is what we are biologically adapted to drink. Our cells thrive with living natural water! It is the purest water in the world that has been filtered through the earth herself.

Most modern cultures have become disconnected from water because it’s easy to take for granted. We don’t have to think about where it comes from as it flows out of the tap or comes in a bottle at the store. It is not something we are encouraged to consciously connect to. Water comes from the earth, yet we have been taught that water directly from nature is dirty and only safe if it goes through some form of human purification.

We invite you to join us in rekindling our ancient and powerful relationship with the life giving spirit of water.

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful, loving and intentional article. In regards to using a Berkey, use care. In my experience their fluoride reduction filters leaks aluminum into the water and that carries its own harms. I don’t use those filters and trust the regular ones filter fluoride to a degree.

    On Silica: Ann-Marie Michael’s talks about adding it the water in her article titled “Silica Water Recipe: How to Add Silica to Your Drinking Water” inspired by Chris Exley. All the best!

  2. As someone who values purity and taste, I believe spring water reigns supreme. Its untouched source yields unrivaled freshness, devoid of additives or contaminants. Its natural filtration through layers of rock imbues it with minerals, making it not just water, but a revitalizing elixir straight from nature’s own reservoir.

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